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Looney Tune Doom
This is the Original Looney Tune TC for DooM

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Looney Tune Doom Disclaimer page

This version of doom was created with months of hard work. As much as I liked the original Doom in its time, it got boring! I came across a CD of shareware doom add-on WADS, programs to change the graphics and sound. Coupled with my love for Looney Tunes, Looney Tune Doom was born. With the help of Deep97, Bill Neisius's dmaud, dmgraph, and Douglas Reedy's dmfe. When you install this game you do it under your own risk! Doom is a trademark of ID software Inc. THIS VERSION WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED BY ID SOFTWARE. As a fan of Bugs and the gang, I have the utmost respect for W.B. artists and their characters. Though I didn't receive permission to use them, I MEANT NO HARM OR DISRESPECT! I have not received, nor asked for, any money for all my hard work. So please just share it with a friend and get ready to laugh your @$#%*^ head off, and enjoy playing the game, as much as I did making it! Special thanks to Mel Blank God rest his sole, who brought Bugs and the gang to life! HE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! The only registered program I used was DeeP97.

If you are with Warner Bros. or Id Software AND CAN PROVE IT, and want me to delete this site I WILL DO


All LooneyTunes© are registered trademarks of Warner Bros. TM.
All DOOM© images and names are Trademarks of ID Software TM.
Copyright LTD GrafexTM © 2000.



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