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Looney Tune Doom
This is the Original Looney Tune TC for DooM

Download Looney Tune Doom Here!
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Looney's Termite Terrace
Download Looney Tune Doom

Click Here To get Looney Tune Doom!
Click Here to get it!

Download Looney Tune Doom Windows Theme

Looney Tune Doom Windows 98 and 95 Plus Theme (Click to see full size)
Click Here for Win98/95
Click here for Win 3.1 (Zip file)

Doom Solitaire

Click here to get it!

Other Downloads
Download Looney Tune Doom Here!:
This will take you to the download page for Looney Tune Doom wad. Follow the "Continue" links at the bottom of the 2 pre download pages :) Get it! Play It! Tell me what you think on the Message Board in the Comments section!
Doom Legacy:This is the best port I have tested for playing Looney Tune doom. Get it! Try It! You will like it! I have linked to their download page so you will always get the most up to date version. sadly-(404)
Dehacked:This is needed to run deh files outside Legacy, Legacy has support for .deh files and this is no longer needed for Legacy. CLICK HERE
Dmgraph:This is a simple program to use, good for beginners. It is designed to import & export GIF images into Doom. CLICK HERE
Dmaud:This is a simple program to use, good for beginners. It is designed to import & export sound files (.wav) into Doom CLICK HERE
Dmimage:This is a great program to export
all graphics out of Doom. (**uses Dmgraph**)
Dmfe:This program will export all .wav files
out of Doom with little effort. (**uses Dmaud** use Dmaud to make a usable PWAD so your new sounds will work)
Wacker: This is another graphics editor.
(worth a try)
Dmmusic:This program imports & exports
.MIDI files into Doom. 
(I have not used this program)
Midi2mus:This program converts .midi files to .mus files so Doom can read them.
(I have not used this program)
Wadtools: This is a program lets you view the contents of the Doom.wad file.
(may come in handy)

All LooneyTunes© are registered trademarks of Warner Bros. TM.
All DOOM© images and names are Trademarks of ID Software TM.
Copyright LTD GrafexTM © 2000.



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