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Looney Tune Doom
This is the Original Looney Tune TC for DooM

Download Looney Tune Doom Here!
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Looney's Termite Terrace
Looney Tune Doom HELP
Other help & Wad Files If You need help with Looney Tune Doom, please visit my Message board and go to the Support ONLY Forum. If your question is not answered there, or you don't feel like looking for it, you may email me.

Or download my Zipped Help file. 
Click Here For the ltdoomhelp.ZIP file!

Or download my Self Extracting WinZip Help file. 
Click Here For the ltdoomhelp_exe.Zip file!
This file will create a "Doom" Directory on your hard drive and unpack the files into it, If you already have a Doom Directory on C:\ drive, this will unpack the LTDoom help files in its own sub directory in the main Doom Directory. (contains 1 html file, and jpg image files, same as the zip above, but easier for beginners to use.

These links take you to specified areas of Parker Information Resources. PIR has gathered an extensive list of wads, help info, etc...... They love to answer email so, if you have any questions on anything from their site don't hesitate to ask!

Main Home Page: This is the main navigation page for Parker Information Resources. From here you can search for what you need!
HELP: This page will take you through using
wad files and More!
HOW TO: Same as help page but different!
WAD FILES: This is a very good collection of .wad files. This is a link to the Doom wads. PIR has more for Heretic Hexen etc......(Scroll down any PIR page to find PIR'S index)
SOUND WADS: This is a very good collection of sound wad files.
THEME LEVELS: This is a collection of
themes such as Star Wars, Star Trek,
and more.
EDITORS: This is where to editing programs for Doom, Heretic, Hexen, etc..........

All LooneyTunes© are registered trademarks of Warner Bros. TM.
All DOOM© images and names are Trademarks of ID Software TM.
Copyright LTD GrafexTM © 2000.



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