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Looney Tune Doom
This is the Original Looney Tune TC for DooM

Download Looney Tune Doom Here!
Support Only Please!
Awards I have received.
Looney's Termite Terrace
Welcome to the Looney Tune Doom Home page!
Looney Tune Doom Windows Theme! Go to downloads to get it!
Also Doom Solitaire is now available in the download section.

You must have the full version of Doom, Doom95 or, ULT Doom
installed to play. Will now work with Doom2 in Doom Legacy (404)!

Looney Tune Doom Screenshots


12/13/02 Looney2ner:

I want to Thank Doom Wad Station for hosting DGR and LTDoom until Team Deim gets the server back on line. I have been really busy with real life lately. I'm going back to school. I'm Taking courses in A+ and CISCO 2nd year this winter semester. Yep thats right I'm in the CISCO fast track, 2years of schooling in just 2 semesters. So far it is going well I have passed my first year/semester final just yesterday.


6/16/02 Looney2ner:

Looney Tune DooM is now a part of the Team Deim network. Production on LTDoom 2 is slow, but not dead. I lost allot of files due to a hacker deleting my whole system. I had some backups on CD, but most were on HDDs installed on my comp and were also hit.  It has taken me damn near 7 months to get everything back to normal and restore what I could.

Credits to others helping with Looney Tune Doom 2
Looney2ner: Lead
CyberG (AKA) Thrasher: Skins
FunCreator: Midis and levels.

All LooneyTunes© are registered trademarks of Warner Bros. TM.
All DOOM© images and names are Trademarks of ID Software TM.
Copyright LTD GrafexTM © 2002.



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